Quick tip: Using tricks and your surroundings

This video shows how the smart use of tricks in your abilities and surroundings can help you come out on top. Maokai is seen as a weak jungler and already was when this video was shot. If a champion is considered weak this does not mean he is weak in every situation. His ultimate combined with the healing effect of his passive makes him very tanky even without items. The “oh, that guy picked a bad champion we can kill him”-mentality will not decrease the optimal power of the champion’s abilities.

Maokai used the brush to hide from direct attacks. This won time while the minions attacked the enemies and dealt damage. Next to that the enemies clearly underestimated the power of Maokai’s ultimate. The ultimate explodes on everyone inside the circle when Maokai wants it to explode.  Especially Ahri could’ve just stand outside of it until it exploded. Kha’Zix and Ahri both used a lot of abilities. This enabled Maokai’s passive to heal up. Maokai’s passive skill heals you on your basic attack after every 5 abilities cast in his proximity. Tricky shields and heals like these can trick your enemies as you probably noticed in the video. I see them as tricks as they’re not telegraphed as well as the more important parts of a champion. Are you playing a champion that has a combat trick like a heal or a shield? Then it is very worthwhile learning to use these correctly. Some examples:

  • Vi has a shield that enables after an ability cast after every X seconds, often forgotten
  • Ahri has a heal after she hit champions 9 times with her abilities (a cat has 9 lives you know..)
  • Pantheon blocks a basic attack with his shield not only after his shield slam but also after he attacked or cast an ability 4 times
  • Zac can revive once in a while and his blobs heal him more the less health he has
  • Poppy is one big trick

Most champions have weird tricks, use them smart and surprise your enemies.

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