Top 3 toplane champions for starting players

When you start League of Legends or look into learning a new role it can be hard to find a champion that clicks with you. Every champion is different and while they all have their own things going for them not each champion is good at learning you the basics of the game or a role. This process can be so hard that it can become rather frustrating to the beginner who is also still working out how to play LoL. At Learn LoL we recognize this problem and we want to give you something to work with. So we sat down and created a concise list of champions that will get you started.

Today we start of with 3 toplaners. The first two champions are great picks for starting players under level 30. The third one is a good choice for more experienced players who have not yet been successful as a toplaner, but are looking to get into this role. First let’s look at how we made this list. But before we talk about the champions there are some important things to know.

Best toplane champions for beginners

The following list is for new players who are leveling their first League of Legends account. Summoners under level 30, the rookies of the Rift. None of these champions have to be common top level picks at tournament or high-level play. These champions have to be great champions to start learning the game and the toplane role. We’re going to publish a list like this for every role. When including a champion we look for the following traits:

  • The champion has a basic skillset that fits the role-standards – meta warping not taken into account.
  • The champions teaches good behaviour instead of having strange get-out-of-jail-free-cards.
  • The champions are iconic for their role.
  • Low IP cost, cheap to pick-up for new players. This makes them cheap to get, good and easy to play champions.

Starting players looking for a champion to start with

As a starting player at League of Legends you shouldn’t be worried about what works at the top level of the game or what is best in the current meta. What is important to a beginner is a low IP cost champ that works for you and what helps you to get familiar with the game mechanics. The weaknesses of these champions should be seen as dumbells plus these champions are great at teaching you good behaviour. Learning good behaviour can be to gank as a jungler, ward as a support and hold your distance with fragile carries. This is often overlooked by veterans tutoring rookies.

Experienced players looking for a new role

Are you a more advanced player into looking for a new role? We added an extra recommended champion per role for this group of players. These champions may cost more Influence Points than the initial recommendations, have harder mechanics but they’re solid picks with safety valves like mobility. If you have a lot of games under your belt but play a role that’s new to you the chances are pretty big that you will play against veteran players. It can be hard to pick up a new role in such a harsh enviroment. With one of the champions we listed you improve your chances to make it out alive and winning.

1. Nasus – Learn how to be patient and last hit

Nasus is a great toplaner for starting players as he is bound to learn you the true basics. As a toplaner you ideally want to be an immovable object that can overcome aggression. You keep the enemy toplaner in check by not dying. This helps you to build up in power and become the battering ram for your team, while the other toplaner won’t grow into that. If you learn how to freeze your lane, hug your tower when needed and keep yourself alive, you will not often be an interested target for the enemy jungler or midlaner to gank. Nasus is all about this. Because he has to build up his stacks he has a hard early game. He’s not as strong early on. When playing Nasus you really have to commit to lasthitting. This is a great way to learn that aspect of the game. Safely farming your way through the early game because you are the underdog is a great way to get comfortable with the flow and of the toplane. As the doge your goal is to not die, stay up there with acceptable farm and pump up yourself for the late game. Nasus is also great when built defensively which brings us to the final advocating point for Nasus. This champion learns you how to build reactively the enemy team. Who is going to be the enemy champion that will try to carry them? You need to spot these threats and build accordingly.

2. Cho’Gath – Flexible and forgiving

An alternative for Nasus is Cho’Gath. Cho’Gath is another champion that farms up in the early game to turn into a true behemoth later on. Cho’Gath has different build paths and the funny thing is that almost every combinations of items that adds to his defenses or ability power works on him. You can build Cho’Gath as a full on tank, an on-hit effect bruiser, ability power bruiser or even as a pure mage. For new players Cho’Gath is a great choice because it’s such a multidimensional and forgiving champion. For example: When last hitting doesn’t work out (shame on you though!) it’s always an option to just carve through the minions. If the enemy champion leaves the lane you can start pushing relentlessly. Even without items you can claim a supportive role teamfights, set up ganks and be tanky.

Good to know is that Cho’Gath has seen a lot of play in other roles as well, mostly midlaner and jungler. This makes the time you invest into learning Cho’Gath much more valuable.

Cho’Gath has straight forward abilities with somewhat long cooldown timers and taxing mana costs. The champion will therefore learn you how to deal with resource management of time and mana. Since Cho’Gath is a great pusher you will have to find out how to keep in control of the toplane minion flow and how to spot opportunities to push.

3. Irelia – A versatile silver bullet (experienced players)

Are you a more experienced League of Legends player, but do you want to get into toplaning? Irelia might be a great choice for you. Irelia has a lot sustain, which means she can heal herself up. This helps her to stay in the lane often outlasting the other toplaner, which leads to a gold advantage. She’s also a very flexible and versatile champion that fits in most team compositions because of the following three reasons.

  • Her skills can be selected in different but viable routes.
  • You can use her skills defensively, offensively or in combination with teammates such as a ganking jungler.
  • There are a lot of different buildpaths to support different playstyles, different roles within your team playstyles and nuances to these.

Aside from her versatily Irelia is at probably played at her peak performance level, when she becomes a silver bullet for the team locking down the enemy carry. A well fed and farmed Irelia deals tons of single target damage, sticks to her target and is hard to kill. At the start of the game, it’s always advisable to find out who is the stronger toplaner. If you feel you can have the upper hand against the other toplaner it’s a good strategy to become the aggressor. Mind you that this will lure the enemy jungler and perhaps even the midlaner to your lane. This can help depressurize your teammates.

What is your favorite toplaner?

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