How to learn League of Legends like a Pro

How to learn League of Legends like a pro? Hard work and training. No video game comes natural, and being a League of Legends pro is no different. Or did you really think we humans were intended to be pro video gamers?

We didn’t evolve into pro gamers

But really. Do take a step back from the games you play and think about the point I just made. We humans evolved from apelikes to what we are now. Simplify it and you’ll see that we do things that are either learned or come through instinct. But we didn’t evolve into League of Legends pro-gamers and chances are pretty slim that we ever will. Instinct left us no WASD+mouse über micro or champion strategies. But what we can do is learn the League – yes, we can learn ourselves to become better League of Legends players. In the upcoming posts we will break down being good at League of Legends – and maybe games in general, though different games ask for different skillsets – by looking at 3 core skills. Two of them are Reflexes and Knowledge, the other one will be revealed later.

skillful-plays-lol Skillful plays don’t come natural, they take hard work to get right.

Funnel your efforts

So let’s just drop the bomb here say that your goal is to become a League of Legends pro. That’s most likely not realistic, not for the time being. Okay, we’re not going to teach you how to become a pro in a short while. We can’t do that for you. But what we can do for you at Learn-LoL is offer you some free advice. We give you tips and tricks over the course of a few articles. It should improve your mindset and training effectivity. Do you focus on reflexes, knowledge about the game or something else?  We can guide you to make the correct choices. You will learn what to focus on and how to make a plan or roadmap for yourself as a player. It works for corporate professionals, it works for start-ups, it might just work for you as a player.

Find your own path in becoming better at League of Legends

There isn’t one allmighty path or ‘get pro fast’-plan for League. It may sound cringy or way too deep but sorry mate: you have to find your own path to reach your goal. Becoming better at League of Legends, or anything in life for that matter is a personal journey of emphasizing on strengths and working on weaknesses and camouflaging others. In the coming posts we will help you to do so by giving pointers and areas that you can improve on. It doesn’t matter how good you are or how good you want to be at the game. What matters is that you realize how you can always improve and that some areas are better for your particular playstyle to emphasize on.

path-to-better-player-lolEven in Summoner’s Rift there are different paths too choose from.

Homework to improve at League of Legends

You want to improve in League of Legends? Good, so let’s start today. Your homework before the next post in this course hits is simple:

Think about your stengths as a League of Legends player, your weaknesses and compare them to others. Why are these your strengths and why are these your weaknesses? (Tip: we talked about reflexes and knowledge as two of the main skills, maybe you can think of more.)

15 thoughts on “How to learn League of Legends like a Pro”

  1. Septimrush says:

    Im interested in how this will play out since im looking to improve myself.

  2. Gregthedouche says:

    Could be interesting, really looking to get better at this freaking game but don’t really know where to start. I’m a Silver 5 midlane/adcarry. Hope you can help me out!

    ps. I liked the uber micro pure pwnage reference ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Wa8za8 says:

    This post is so crap, you are either a pro or you’re not. Or do you think Faker wasn’t born like a legendary player?

    1. lumni says:

      Not really no, I do not think Faker was born like a pro. The next post will actually go in depth on this phenomenon of Pro players and their natural advantages.

      1. Wa8za8 says:

        w/e man

        1. vince says:

          have u seen his story faker wasnt just pro he plays lol like its his crack thats y hes good and he loks to iprove himself nuff said.

    2. Double_A says:

      No one’s born a legend unless you’re born into royalty. Thats like saying my life is pre destined so I shouldnt even look both ways when I cross the street.

    3. Double_A says:

      So thinking someone was born like a pro is believing in a predestined fate. So do you look both ways when crossing the street? You cant be born a pro at anything your brain doesnt have the cognitive skills to do so. These are things learned over time. Somethings just come quicker and more natural to others.

    4. ProjectYi says:

      I know this is an old post, but its absolutely absurd to think someone is BORN into something like being a pro-gamer. No one is BORN with anything special. Its what that person does and when they start to learn. Talk about an idiotic post, yours takes the cake.

  4. redcliffranger says:

    Nice, I’m interested in the follow up. Not looking to become a proplayer but I want to grow some divisions.

    Can you also talk about team synergy?

    1. lumni says:

      Thanks for your interest ๐Ÿ™‚

      Team synergy won’t get a specific post for this course, but you improve it by improving a core skill like knowledge for example.

  5. Phil says:

    When is the next post scheduled?

    ~ Phil

    1. lumni says:

      There’s a post scheduled for this weekend but on a different subject. The next step in this course will probably be released later next week.

      1. pewdiepoo says:

        Looking forward to the next post.


  6. nancy says:

    My bf plays lol and he’s really good. He wants me to get into it and I want to as well, but I don’t understand it and he’s not the best teacher. When he attempts to teach me I get discouraged because I have no idea what he’s talking about, he speaks in these codes and I doubt understand what, they mean. I really do want to play, does anyone have any tips to offer??

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