How to team fight and position as an AD carry

The AD carry, also known as the ADC and marksman, means nothing more than Attack Damage carry. The ADC carries the team on its back to victory through attack damage. Since everything of this role is focused at dishing out as much damage possible it may just be the most basic role in League of Legends. The coming period we are going to explain you the other aspects of this role. Chapters that you can expect from us are how to lane as an AD carry, what items to build as an AD carry and which AD carry is good to pick up as a starting player.

The image below is a cheat sheet or quick guide for how to team fight and position as an AD carry. Live by these rules of the game and you will reap the rewards. We will go in depth about every single aspect of team fights looking through the eyes of the AD carry. Here is a quick and easy guide to help you position better during team fights:

ad carry team fight position

3 thoughts on “How to team fight and position as an AD carry”

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  2. qsharp says:

    Very nice refreshed course. I am a main ADC with backup as support and I am very glad you pointed out one key element of ADC; live to attack

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