Support your way to Victory!

One of the most overlooked roles in League of Legends has always been the Support. This could be due to the fact that Supports have the most distinct playstyle, one that involves little killing and tons of teamplay. As a Support, you won’t be able to 1v1 anyone and you won’t be able to solo carry a game. Most players want to do the most damage as possible and get fed. Because of this Top Lane and Mid Lane are usually the first lanes that get picked, since they involve, mostly, solo play and ramping up kills. For those who Main Support this is a blessing, because you’ll always get to play Support!

Most players don’t realize that playing Support can be the most rewarding role in the entire League!


Different types of Supports to win games

There are a number of different Supports with different mechanics and playstyles. Here you’ll have a quick overview of some the most played Support Champions:

Leona: She is a very tanky Support. With her engage and stun ability she is almost always able to give a kill to her AD Carry at level 3 without too much trouble. If that doesn’t work, she is also able to effectively protect her AD Carry from enemy engages without being killed herself.

Blitzcrank: One of the most annoying Supports in League of Legends. His Rocket grab ability can make an entire team retreat, without even having to use the ability – just the idea of getting grabbed is enough. It is very easy to pick out an enemy player, grab him, and make it a 4v5. He is also very tanky, mostly thanks to his passive which gives him a big shield when he’s at low health.

Sona: She is one of the least tanky Champions in League. She makes up for this by having a consistent healing ability. A good Sona is one that is able to deal a lot of damage to the enemy AD Carry and Support. But she must be played safe and never at the frontlines. Being out of position is almost Garenteed to result in death. As a side note: Sona just received a cool new Ultimate Skin: DJ Sona – so you can Support in Style!

Next time you enter Champion Select, pick a support! If you do it right, your teammates will absolutely love you. It’s the best role for new players to get acquainted with League of Legends and still feel relevant.

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7 thoughts on “Support your way to Victory!”

  1. Topgun89 says:

    Keep calm and buy wards, haha I like it! I always got to do the dirty warding as a support 😛

  2. kmanaker says:

    I hope this helps in getting some more supports. Really like it when someone is devoted to this role and I think it’s a greet entrace to the game

  3. theWanderer says:

    Supporting is important so yes I like the fact that You are finally talking about that nd posting more. But please go more in depth next time. Subjects as this one need waaaayyy more info.

  4. Wa8za8 says:

    Blitzcrank support? Hahahaha pls stahp

    1. Topgun89 says:

      BC is an OK support dude. Hes different but OK

    2. Supporter says:

      What? The only role where Blitz is viable in higher level play is as a support… Playing him AP can be strong, but it’s kinda troll. There are way better AP champs, but no other champs with such a good supporting kit… Other than that, miss Q as AP Blitz and good luck getting kited to death for 10-20 seconds as you wait for the cooldown. Not a reliable AP kit. Fun yes. Good no.

      1. lumni says:

        I think that dude is just a troll guys, don’t mind too much about him. Thanks for your contributions though 🙂

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