Learn how to AD carry: try out Tristana for free!

Tristana is one of the most hallmark AD carry champions. If you compare her to champions who’ve been introduced later, like say Draven, you’ll see that she super straight forward. Every skill is about her role and helps you to output a constant stream of damage or get you into safety. Just the two thins any AD carry is looking out for!

learn to play tristana

Are you looking to become a better AD carry? We advise you to learn playing Tristana. And there’s pretty good news. She’s free to pick up for everyone! This makes super convenient for starting players. If you like the League of Legends facebook page you’ll get Riot Girl Tristana skin for free. Missing the champion? You’ll get it alongside the skin. Tristana was only just remade so she’s all funky and shiny. So make sure to enjoy the Tristana remake!

Unsure how to play an AD carry? The basics are pretty simple: do as much damage possible while your goal is to stay alive. It gets hard to actually do it in practice as everyone will be coming for your throat.  But it all boils down to prioritize not dying and doing damage to the best possible target while living. (that wouldn’t put you in life threatening danger)

We made a small infographic of this. Other starting AD carries have used our infographic to succes. So make sure to check it out: How to play an AD carry. And hey, even as an experienced botlaner it sure doesn’t matter to remind yourself of the basics.

Our advise is to play someone along the likes of Tristana or Ashe. While they may not be the absolute strongest choices, these champions are very basic in their playing style and force you to learn good behaviour. More unconventional AD carries like Draven or Varus can be very good but do not nessecarily learn you the role better than others do. But if you feel like you have a click with these champions, do go for them.


2 thoughts on “Learn how to AD carry: try out Tristana for free!”

  1. CarltonPwn says:

    I ab-so-lutely hated Tristana. She’s been such a fkn OP champ for so many times. Get fed and just shred teams into pieces. Nothing u can do bout it.

  2. EzEeevy says:

    Loving how Riot works on all the traditional stuff. Really stepping up their game.

    Thanks for the tip on how to get Tristy for free. Already got her this way a long time ago, but can be nice for the newbies to the rift!

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