5 champions you should not learn

5 champions you should not learn

When you just started playing League of Legends it’s tempting to pick up an exotic champion that can do all kinds of stuff. It’s cool to save for the high IP costing champions and you might even think it will give you an edge. Often

lol tips and tricks

Quick tip: Using tricks and your surroundings

This video shows how the smart use of tricks in your abilities and surroundings can help you come out on top. Maokai is seen as a weak jungler and already was when this video was shot. If a champion is considered weak this does not

warwick top lane guide

Warwick Avenue: top lane champion guide

Update: Recently Riot games decided to remake Warwick. Therefore this Warwick guide is outdated and it’s purely here for historic value. As a starting player the popular top laners can give you a hard time, scaring you away from this lane. Even if you aren’t

Learn League of Legends

Becoming better at League of Legends, isn’t that what we all want to achieve? If you haven’t played games like League of Legends (the genre is referred to as MOBA) before your first games can be a daunting experience. There’s so much to learn and