Rek’Sai: a new jungler for Season 5

Riot revealed Rek’Sai, a female void champion best fit for jungling. It feels like the game designers keep stretching the boundaries League of Legends. Much more is becoming a possibility within the world of League. Let’s take a look at Rek’Sai!

Season 4: a final look back

The world championship is over, new champions have been crowned, our ranked borders are now set in stone and nothing but tales of the past. Before we start off season 5 lets take a final look back at the most impactful changes of Season 4 and the 5 iconic champions.

mordekaiser brasil


Is Mordekaiser still viable? Some think so, some don’t. In this post you will get a grasp on some results of professional Mordekaiser players. Can you bring fear to the enemy lines?

lux midlane

A midlaner for starters: Lux

Lux’ last peak of power was long ago. Her reign on the rift was paired with sudden blasts of light and girl power. Lux often baffled players with a hefty amount of instantaneous burst. Riot exposed her weaknesses even harder by pressuring her cooldown on firin’

champion select

Win more games through champion select

Imagine champion select and the worst case scenario: a guy is blindly picking the same champion over and over again, if he feels like it he goes against the pick order. All this without communicating because he either is afk or doesn’t really care. Chances

feral flare champions

Feral Flare – who can use it?

With the release of Feral Flare, a new item, the jungling landscape changed, but how much did it really change?  If you are looking to improve as a jungler or willing to pick up more jungler games it’s important to keep up with the latest

ad carry team fight guide

How to team fight and position as an AD carry

The AD carry, also known as the ADC and marksman, means nothing more than Attack Damage carry. The ADC carries the team on its back to victory through attack damage. Since everything of this role is focused at dishing out as much damage possible it may