Tahm Kench – a new League of Legends champion!

A new League of Legends champion has appeared! It’s always an exciting time when a new champion gets announced by Riot Games. The newest revealed addition that will soon™ walk (and swim) around Summoner’s Rift is Tahm Kench. This big fish-dude is nicknamed the River King and the community jokingly called him ‘the Catfish champion’ before his true name was revealed. While he has some stuff we’ve seen before like a 3rd hit on-hit effect – well, he is something else!

who is this champion

Now we know!

The roles of Tahm Kench

Tahm Kench is being promoted by his creators as both a support and toplane champion. To compare a new champion to an existing one is dangerous territory. Though, if, if, IF we have to make a comparison we would say he’s a crossover between Braum and Maokai. Tahm Kench is going to be beefy and the guy that’s always helping out your squishy teammates. But this guy will also be mashing his face and tongue in the enemy team if he’s angry like that. Then there’s the fact that Riot promotes him as a possible sololaner in the toplane. This hints to the following things:

  • He’s better with items than normal supports (his extra passive makes him very cost efficient when building tank/HP)
  • Tahm Kench is good at 1v1 roughhousing
  • He can set up great ganks

For Support Tahm Kench we know what to expect. On paper he’s a super versatile beefy fish-dude. He can use his skills to disrupt and harass the enemy team. If the Catfish Champion is a good jungler remains to be seen. We know for a fact that junglers are going to try him out and make him work. We feel that he’s not going to be great at it. He’s weighed towards a defensive playstyle and not fast enough to clear the jungle.

tahm kench new champion

Tahm Kench strengths when playing him defensively or offensively

While at Learn LoL we did not have the luxury to play him yet we can see his strengths circled around the ability to protect and disrupt. This means he will most likely be good at guarding fragile teammates and help teammates tactically advance in fights. Offensively the best matches for Tahm Kench seems to be champions who can devastate entire teams from certain positions. These champions are often balanced around the fact that they lack mobility to get in such a position but the River King can help them get there. Riot came up with Swain as a good match and well, these two will be the perfect pair for sure. We feel that Nasus, Galio, Darius and maybe even Kennen might go well with Tahm Kench’s offensive options.

Playing Tahm Kench more defensively and as a support this means he will be protecting squishy and immobile damage dealers. Think of Lux, Kog’Maw and Varus. But don’t forget Ashe or Vayne, who are hard to catch already. Adding in mr Catfish might just make them uncatchable for some compositions. Overall it looks like that this new champion will enable team compositions with some champions that we haven’t seen in a while. One important question remains though: how will Tahm Kench work with Fiddlesticks’ Ultimate?

What do you guys think of this new champion? Tell us in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Tahm Kench – a new League of Legends champion!”

  1. LomoBoys says:

    Awesome champ can’t wait for him to get released. I really want to play him =)

  2. Wa8za8 says:

    This guy looks superduperawesome. Im hoping rito will release the champion spotlight soon. ritopls…

    I think he can be a good jungler. Maybe if he can clear fast enough he can be putting out some sick ganks. As a support …meh. I don’t believe in it really. Toplane will be great with him. For sure.

    1. AgonizingBelf says:

      I think he can be a good support. But it really depends on the other supports+carry combination that are played in the current meta. look @ braum for example, that guy wasn’t like a normal support that we’ve seen before. Even Thresh was different.

      1. lumni says:

        Couldn’t agree more. Supports have grown into being more than defensive heal and stunbots. Riot did a really good job at this IMO. Basically if you can set-up, negate ganks or force all-ins you are set as a support. But I guess that only time can tell how good a champion is in the ever-evolving metagame. It always depends a lot on what’s popular and what works with _or_ against that.

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