Kripparrian in League of Legends? Top 3 fantasy LoL Pros

Froggen, Doublelift, HotshotGG, Faker, Bjergsen. Names that have written history. These guys are famous because of their League of Legends pro circuit achievements.
Sometimes it leaves you wondering why some other pro gamers that we love didn’t seriously attempt League of Legends yet. To help you deal with this we made a list of the top 3 pro gamers that we want to see and come to League of Legends. To go all out on this fantasy we also came up with a fitting role, playstyle and three main champions for every player.

3. Grubby as a creative jungler

Grubby currently plays Starcraft 2. But he became a video game superstar because of Warcraft III. His super creative styles and strategies accounted for his fame and succes. Grubby even got his own documentary. Our first idea for a matching champion to be piloted this Flying Dutchman would be an Orc-like champion. Playing the Orc race Grubby was a joy to watch. Sadly, Sion and Mundo are not that great of a match style-wise. It’s the versatility of the orcs that made Grubby such a great player. So Grubbies creativity and ability to adapt every situation and conquer any setback makes him a great fit for versatile champions like Elise, Lee Sin and Kha’Zix. Because of this the jungler role should come natural to him. From here Grubby can shake up the state of the game, surprise his enemies and add creative pacing to the games he is in.


2. Fatal1ty as a mobile AD carry or Midlane Assassin

Fatal1ty was the first American true pro gamer and one of the poster boys of the gamer scene. He is the godfather of the perfect aim. Fatal1ty’s extreme twitch and high reflexes should translate perfectly to League of Legends. There’s more than mechanical skill in League of Legends but it would be a joy to see him playing heavy skillshot champions. And he would play them gloriously Hence Fatal1ty should be a match made in heaven with mobile AD carries and Midlane Assassins. Vayne, Zed and Ezreal are examples of champions that will probably click with him. He isn’t in need of PC upgrades because Fatal1ity got his own line of PC hardware which easily runs League of Legends.


1. Kripparrian as an unstoppable toplaner

Famous for nolifing and breaking game mechanics. The Kripp bends rules and smartasses his way to victory. He started building up popularity by playing World of Warcraft but really owes his mythic share of fans by playing Diablo 3 and Path of Exile. Kripparrian is now spending his days playing Hearthstone and eating falafel. Hearthstone is a great game but a bit of League of Legends could bring of the best of this OJ guzzler. Kripparrian is one of those players that doesn’t fear the grind if it brings him to wherever he pleases. Kripperrino could be an unstoppable force in the toplane. As a toplaner there’s no question about it. He will be bashing, grinding and trolling his enemies with Jax, Renekton or Singed while sipping on his OJ. Best part of it all? Even the best can get wrecked in LoL. In Kripps case this would account some hilariously salty streams. Seriously – League of Legends and Kripparrian, why is this not a thing yet?

Do you agree on this list or do you like to see other familiar faces start making their way to League of Legends? Let us know in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Kripparrian in League of Legends? Top 3 fantasy LoL Pros”

  1. Wa8za8 says:

    Haha, I like this one. Da Kripperino <3

  2. Incohito says:

    Like the list, but how about DOTA players? I really feel like Merlini should be on here.

    1. Bouncyhippo says:

      Why would Dota players be on here? Dota in general is pretty much the same game (yet much shittier), so I see no reason to include people that play Dota.

  3. Leo says:

    Kripp has become too casual to play LoL. Well, maybe if he played against bots

    1. lumni says:


  4. AgonizingBelf says:

    Would be great to see Kripp come to League. Droppin’ dem kripp tips in his vods just like little bombs of information.

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