Your personal lolclass: what do you want us to write about? is a growing community, but relative to others we are still in a very early stage. As you might have noticed we have been pretty active lately and we will keep working hard for you to keep it this way. However we like to hear your opinion as a reader.

Readers like you have influence

As said we are a relatively new website. This means that you as one of our current readers can have a lot of influence on the website and the topics we write about. We can turn the website into your personal and free lolclass so to speak. Are there any League related subjects you’d like to know more of and where do you need help? What do you like to see and what type of information will make you a better League of Legends player. What is it that you struggle with ingame and what is it that you looking for when you visit websites like Learn-LoL? We are pretty sure that if it helps you it will help others. So let us know in the comments what you think!


Teach others about LoL

Always wanted to be the teacher of a personal lolclass? We allow guest contributions. This makes it possible for you to share your knowledge with newer League of Legends players. You can write about anything – from champion guides to mastery guidelines, just pick a subject that you are experienced in and start teaching others. Just get in touch with us through our contact page or let us know in the comments.

Thanks for your interest in Learn-LoL so far. In the meantime we will keep shipping League of Legends tips and information to you.

7 thoughts on “Your personal lolclass: what do you want us to write about?”

  1. theWanderer says:

    Just keep doing what You do and go a bit more in depth along the road.

    1. Incohito says:


      The site looks good, the articles are fun but elaborating on topics will make it even better.

  2. EzEeevy says:

    What could be a good article is what a carry actually means in league. There are a lot of different theories and opinions in existence. Take a stance on it and explain the term. It will defo help new guys not so familiar with the term carry.

    I might want to write an article some day. I’ll let you know if/when.

  3. pewdiepoo says:

    I don’t play a lot of league of legends but what bothers me when I do is the amount of changes every once in a while. Patches can turn the game upside down more than im used for other games so i would bdefinitely be interested in some context around the patches and whats buffed after the changes.


    1. Supporter says:

      Well, if you want all the information about balance changes, you should just check out MooBeat’s website It’s my favourite LoL news website.

      Not trying to lure people away from learn-lol though! This website serves a different purpose with informative guides instead of news.

      I could maybe write an in depth article about AD carries, BTW. Will contact webmaster soon, when I got the time. Writing is my job, so I like to combine writing with my 3 year LoL experience.

      1. lumni says:

        Don’t worry about luring people away your post was informative 🙂

  4. pork4brains says:

    I only recently found this site, so y’all may already cover some of these, but because League can change so drastically with each update:
    1. How items work on each champion ability/auto attack. Item buying is something I still struggle with so a 101 series/crash course would be great for new players & players looking to learn a new character/role, and just understand how & why items are bought in a certain order or in response to the other team. 2. When your team is behind what can an individual player buy/do to help turn things around?
    3. Which champions go in which role/lane? Who is stronger early/mid/late game & why? Which are easier to learn for each & are they able to viably fill a different role/lane by using different builds? (If you want to make suggestions for troll/dark horse builds please make sure they are obvious & a separate article)
    4. The mechanics players are expected to learn to master a specific champion. Which champions require more understanding of how their abilities combo vs. items & positioning?

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