Season 4: a final look back

The world championship is over, new champions have been crowned, our ranked borders are now set in stone and nothing but tales of the past. After the current preseason the fifth season is scheduled which means change and new stuff to learn about the game!  Before we start off season 5 lets take a final look back at the most impactful changes of Season 4 and the 5 iconic champions.


What did Season 4 change and how did this matter?

Seasons guarantee change in League of Legends just like how they do in real life. The question that answers it all is what Season 4 changed and how this mattered to players. Season 4 changed League of Legends dramatically. Riot revamped the complete vision and income systems, snowball mechanics and jungle. Let’s take a look at the biggest changes.

Supports  Supports really stepped into the light last season. The readjusted income system made supports more impactful when compared to before, which was surely for the better. Changes to warding made it so that everyone now had to take part in the vision war and oracle faceoffs are gone. What also helped supports was how AD carries became weaker during the early game when compared to earlier seasons. Playing as a support finally felt meaningful.

Jungling – Each season the junglers have to go to the training room and get fit with Snoopeh. For junglers every season feels like a new game. In Season 4 beefcake junglers got shelved since the role moved to a Kill Krush ‘nd Destroy style. Which at first seemed perfect as it gave Wukong and Pantheon more than a cameo appearance but in the end we saw way too much Lee Sin, Elise, Evelynn, Rengar and Kha’Zix.

Snowball and comeback mechanics – Games that drag for 45 minutes but are decided in the first 3 are no fun. Toning down snowball mechanics like the first blood and early dragon rewards accounted for easier comebacks which could be epic at times. At the non-pro level of play this was a huge thing. It made the never surrender mindset work fairly well. Mistakes had a big impact and games where seized and thrown.

Item Rework – The traditional seasonal item rework! It’s always in the mix of change as seems to be a great way to shift balance and strategic diversity. Riot supplied the shelves of our shop with new shiny stuff to play around with. It was nothing chaotic or like the League of Black Cleavers and mostly additions to the support and jungle changes, but Riot made some interesting choices here.

The 5 iconic champions of Season 4

When looking back at a season of League of Legends it’s nothing but good practice to at least give a list of some winners. This is no tierlist or best-of-list, it’s a list of 5 champions, 1 for each role, that resemble season 4 for me.

Toplane, Renekton – Saw play as tanky bruiser, bruiser, infinitytank. Ever-beefy and was the true bouncer of the toplane. For a long time during Season 4 Renekton shoved out everyone who didn’t fill the toplane role. No gimmicks allowed.

Jungle, Kha’Zix  Evolved his way on top of every nerf he saw. An examplary champion for Season 4’s junglers. His ultimate has been overpowered for a while but even afterwards he saw a lot of play in a variation of builds.

Midlane, Lulu – Teached us how raw power doesn’t mean jack when you can play as a team. Often picked to augment others and set up favorable situations. After some nerfs Lulu saw some play at the toplane but before that she changed the style of midlaners.

Bottom AD Carry, Lucian – This guy has just been on top of the balance during most of season 4. Safe but agressive during all stages of the game. No interesting pick for this list but in that he resembles the AD landscape of Season 4 – not all that thrilling.

Bottom Support, Morgana – She was one of the champions who really used the changes to supports like they where meant to be used. Notorious for impactful appeareances and competely shutting down botlanes plus popular strategies in cross-regional tournaments.

I hope you liked this throwback to Season 4. If you have anything great to share about the last season make sure to post it in the comments. In the next article we will look forward to Season 5 and all the changes that it might bring.

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