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We have set up a newsletter for the growing Learn Lol community. You can subscribe easily at the bottom of this post. Subscribers can expect the following:

  • The latest League of Legends news
  • A rollup of our latest posts
  • Behind the scene updates on Learn LoL

We hate spam more than we hate OP champions and flamers so we hereby promise to not stalk you. This means that we will only send you an email when we have good stuff to communicate. We don’t need to know a lot about you, but we would love to know your main ingame role so we can send you the correct tips and guides.

To start of we won’t email you more than once a month. If this is going to change we will communicate it to you first. As always please do share your opinion with us and let us know if there’s anything you like to see different.

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    So hyped for this 😉

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