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League of Legends bloggers, theorycrafters and writers beware… we are now temporarily accepting League of Legends related guest posts for Learn LoL! (for free, obviously)


Guest posting about League of Legends, how does it work?

You are free to pick a subject that fits our sitewide theme of helping players to learn or get better at League of Legends. Think of item builds, champion, lane or role guides, team strategies, mindset articles, comparisons with other games. Got an idea? We will shortly discuss the topic with you. You get a ‘go’ if your idea fits our theme. One of our contributors then reviews your article before publishing and there you have it: your own guest post at Learn-Lol.com. While our community may look tiny in the shadow of the giants we are growing at a steady pace and can offer you the following. These are the highlights of guestposting at Learn Lol:

  • Links: up to 3 links in the article are allowed.
  • Author highlight: you get an author snippet at the bottom of your article.
  • Article indexation: we don’t delete articles and we treat this site’s indexation for Search Engines with care.

The only two rules are that we only accept unique content and will not accept corporate promotion articles. We’re looking for cool and informative content that helps new players to get better at League of Legends. In exchange we can help you with your article and promote it after publishing.

Contact Learn League of Legends

You can contact us through the comments and we will get in touch with you.
Want to get in touch with us directly? Send us a mail at:contact Learn-LoL

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