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Support your way to Victory!

Next time you enter Champion Select, pick a support! If you do it right, your teammates will absolutely love you. It’s the best role for new players to get acquainted with League of Legends and still feel relevant.

feral flare champions

Feral Flare – who can use it?

With the release of Feral Flare, a new item, the jungling landscape changed, but how much did it really change?  If you are looking to improve as a jungler or willing to pick up more jungler games it’s important to keep up with the latest

ad carry team fight guide

How to team fight and position as an AD carry

The AD carry, also known as the ADC and marksman, means nothing more than Attack Damage carry. The ADC carries the team on its back to victory through attack damage. Since everything of this role is focused at dishing out as much damage possible it may