Using the LoL champion select chatbox wins games

Improving your chances to win a game of League starts in the champion select screen. In this series of articles we help you to win more games in League of Legends through making the champion select count. In this article we will look into the champion select chatbox.

Article series: 5 reasons to put more effort in champion select
Make champion select count

Using the champion select chatbox

If you can put these equally skilled players in their best positions, your winrate increases.

How often do you stumble upon shared winrates in the pregame chatbox? These mean nothing. Before your pick there are 6 bans, 2 enemies and 1 teammate selecting champions so just wait and see what happens. Why would your 18 wins/2 losses on your Fiddlesticks Jungle matter? By posting your stats you’re creating a battle in chat that was not there before. Often others will enter your arena of stats where things escalate rather quickly. Someone replies proudly with a 50% winrate profile, someone swiftly claims to be a smurf of some Diamond 1 account or feels so entitled to their main-champ that he blindpicks it. Maybe someone else has 10 proper junglers in his portfolio but didn’t bother to link his profile or our firstpick is an insanely solid Fiddlesticks support player.

Tip 4: Don’t share or respect winrates in the champion select chat.


Realize that everyone in the lobby has an equal MMR (match making rating). What would it matter if teammate X was Diamond last season, while the rest of us is Gold now. He wasn’t dropped here by some cruel random number generating master of pain. He dropped because he lost. Don’t treat him like a LoL Pro. Don’t bash him when he’s losing the game either. You’ll lose some, you’ll win some. Moreso, instead of linking to profiles. Reason and communication should be the deciding factors in the choices that you make as a team. You are in the lobby with these players because their MMR is around yours. Your level of skill is equal at this point. If it’s not then you won’t meet each other again anywhere soon. The pick order being randomized since patch 4.2 is a system that – when respected – will regulate and balance it out for everyone in the long run. So do yourself a favor and respect it. During my placements I only played 2 games as my main role – which I both won – but I know that over a season in approximately 70% of my games I will get my desired jungle spot.

What does help is to communicate with useful information. In each lobby I just say these words: “Prefer to jungle but can do anything” while respecting the pick order. A friend of mine even has a copypasta ready listing what he prefers from most to least stating that he does not want to jungle because he’s freaking terrible at it. This helps, it really does. If you can put these equally skilled players in their best positions, your winrate increases.

Tip 5: Respect the pick order and share your prefered role, champions and worst role.

Dealing with duoqueue

If there’s a duo I usually like to know and let them have their roles. Realisticly they duoqueue because they like each other and their playstyles fit (seriously, who duo’s with idiots?). Giving away your main role to a good duo setup (mid+jungle, botlane, top+jungle are the ideal ones) will really improve the effectiveness of a duoqueue in your team. It’s also very nice when people ask what a team needs when they’re unsure – tank, ganker, what kind of support and such.

Niche and versatility

Let’s return to that fictional teammate that wants to pick Fiddlesticks. The opponents picked Gragas. Well, of course you can pick Fiddlesticks jungle into Gragas. It will however be way harder to execute your winning strategy against a team with Gragas than without him. Fiddlesticks is a niche champion. He’s very unique and this is what makes him work, he catches people off guard as a jungle pick. But he can also be a total mess if there’s just a few things in the enemy team to circumvent his strengths or shut him down. Compare this to Jarvan. Jarvan doesn’t care about who your team is. Jarvan will adapt and be useful. The champion is versatile. There’s no real strategy to render Jarvan useless. Rammus is another niche champion. It’s a great pick against a full AD squishy squad, but he’s a lot less efficient when he’s against balanced teams. Playing more champions instead of spamming one champion can make your winrate on champions improve. Which brings us to the last bit of this post.

For your main role it’s nice to be a versatile player with options. Next to opening up strategic picking and counterpicking options for your team it will make you more knowledgable which increases your ability to read a situation, dueling potential etcetera. If you’ve been playing this game since earlier seasons you’ve seen all sorts of champions phase in and out the meta. Unless the champion is remade you know how it works. If you hung around during season 2 you probably know that dealing with Shyvana and Mundo in teamfights means to kite them. It’s what worked back then and this never changed a thing.

Tip 6: Try to play as many champions as possible (at least once).

To summarize: communicate with your teammates. You are all in the same boat and somewhat equally skilled. If you can make your skill levels work in most desired roles and a nice fit of prefered champions that work together your chances to gain ranks increase.

Thanks for reading! As always: give us your take on this matter in the comment section.

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