About Learn LoL

Learn LoL is a cooperation between gold to diamond ranked summoners with over 3 years of experience devoted to make you a better player in League of Legends through informative articles, tips and guides.

League of Legends is a great game that is loved by many and brings people from different cultures together. Together we brought many new summoners to the league. These starting players often face a relentless learning curve. By making new players more knowledgeable we hope to fight toxicity and breed a better enviroment with more players who can enjoy the game.  We will bring informative articles about the game trying to make the strategies, meta and changes understandable.

Riot Games puts loads of time and effort int the research and development of their game. As a result League of Legends is always moving forward. Adding more content and creating more competitivity is truly awesome, but every addition makes the game more difficult to pick up. Riot and the community tend to forget the starting and less-experienced players. Taking a breath to look behind you is a crucial aspect of moving forward. As the team of Learn LoL we think we have the potential to fulfill this role as a mentor to some extent.

We will be open for guest posting, business inquiries and more in the near future. For now you can contact Learn-Lol via the following e-mail adres:

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2 thoughts on “About Learn LoL”

  1. montonay says:

    how can i know who is ap and who is ad ?? how do i know what items to buy in aram / twisted , etc ??? what will help me ??? and who too play please help me im a girl and new and want to get better please x

    1. Deea Dark Forest says:

      So what if you’re a girl, lol

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