Tahm Kench – a new League of Legends champion!

A new League of Legends champion has appeared! It’s always an exciting time when a new champion gets announced by Riot Games. The newest revealed addition that will soon™ walk (and swim) around Summoner’s Rift is Tahm Kench. This big fish-dude is nicknamed the River

Kripparrian in League of Legends? Top 3 fantasy LoL Pros

Sometimes it leaves you wondering why some other pro gamers that we love didn’t seriously attempt League of Legends yet. To help you deal with this we made a list of the top 3 pro gamers that we want to see and come to League of Legends. To go all out on this fantasy we also came up with a fitting role, playstyle and three main champions for every player.

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Support your way to Victory!

Next time you enter Champion Select, pick a support! If you do it right, your teammates will absolutely love you. It’s the best role for new players to get acquainted with League of Legends and still feel relevant.